When I laid eyes on the bottle filled with clear liquid labeled, “Yeni Raki”, I immediately incorrectly assumed that this was some kind of Japanese drink. Maybe it was the “yen”, the Japanese currency, that threw me off track or perhaps the fact that “raki” rhymes with “maki”, a type of sushi roll.

Dukley City Lounge

Parma ham with goat's cheese and tomato bruschetta

Growing up in South Africa was a strange experience in some senses. Surrounded by sea from three sides and having four neighbouring third world countries next door, South Africa might as well be a far flung country.

Lamb & Apricot Sosaties

Kaapse Kerrie Sosaties

At last summer arrived at the British shores. The sky is a brilliant blue with no cloud in sight and the sun is warm and bright. Whiffs of grilling meat have started filling the air. What are you planning to cook on your barbecue today?

SPONSORED VIDEO: Knorr “Flavour of Home”

Funnily enough, I grew up with Knorr in South Africa. Back home we used to sprinkle Aromat products on all kinds of foods to give them a kick in flavour. Bottled salad dressings were and still are readily available and soup packets are widely used to this day across the country. Yet, it was only […]