The Forge

Vegetarian Starter

The Forge, based in Camden, is a not-for-profit organisation that opened its doors in 2009. It hosts a variety of different artists and music from all across the world that would appeal to music lovers.

Dukley City Lounge

Parma ham with goat's cheese and tomato bruschetta

Growing up in South Africa was a strange experience in some senses. Surrounded by sea from three sides and having four neighbouring third world countries next door, South Africa might as well be a far flung country.


Grilled Lobster

Bourgee – a welcome addition to Southend-on-Sea’s dreary restaurant scene. I have been living in Essex for 10 years and when I heard the news that a posh restaurant will be opening close by I couldn’t believe my ears. Someone had a lot of balls.

Prezzo (Rayleigh, Essex)

Chicken Salad

Prezzo is a family friendly, Italian restaurant which opened its first branch in London in 2000. The venture was so successful that after 14 years there are now over 150 branches dotted all across England. Even though both Prezzo and Pizza Express serve pizza, the former offers classier surroundings that appeals more to the adult […]