Grilled Lobster

Bourgee – a welcome addition to Southend-on-Sea’s dreary restaurant scene. I have been living in Essex for 10 years and when I heard the news that a posh restaurant will be opening close by I couldn’t believe my ears. Someone had a lot of balls.

Prezzo (Rayleigh, Essex)

Chicken Salad

Prezzo is a family friendly, Italian restaurant which opened its first branch in London in 2000. The venture was so successful that after 14 years there are now over 150 branches dotted all across England. Even though both Prezzo and Pizza Express serve pizza, the former offers classier surroundings that appeals more to the adult […]

Cookie’s Crab Shop

Cookie's Crab Shop in Norfolk

Cookie’s Crab Shop is a tiny establishment on the north coast of Norfolk between Cromer and Wells-Next-The-Sea, just north of Holt. It’s far removed from civilisation and takes a little drive on country lanes the width of a car. The interior is very basic, small, cheap and practical, which reminds me of British cafes with […]

The Milking Parlour

Smoked Salmon & Aioli

The Milking Parlour is based in The Old Manor Hotel, in Trowbridge, just outside Bath. Most Michelin-starred restaurants are based in cities due to higher demand and bigger wages. So it is quite a novelty to come across such a gem in the middle of the countryside. Technically, the restaurant hasn’t been awarded this accolade. […]

Giraffe (London, Victoria)

Interior of Giraffe's Victoria branch

Most parents can relate to the fact that taking small kids to a restaurant can be a nerve racking experience. If you’re not completely lacking in self-awareness, you will know that screeching and wailing will annoy other customers. Not sitting still, spilling drinks, throwing food – the list is endless of bad behaviour kids come […]

Ruin Beach Café

Manchego, Rocket & Pomegranate Salad

What used to be a smuggler’s cottage in the 1800’s is now an excellent casual restaurant on Tresco. Ruin Beach Cafe is anything but a greasy spoon with formica tables as the name might suggest. Instead you’ll find a charming wooden building on top of a beach with stunning views of the eastern parts of […]