Alyn Williams at The Westbury

There have been plenty of times, when writing a restaurant review, that I felt tempted just to write: “It was great!” or “amazing” or “stunning” or whatever other synonym the thesaurus on my word processor spits out, and let the photos speak for themselves.

The Real Greek

Suddenly it’s that time of year again. Christmas. Time has flown past in a blink and even the Olympics have become a distant memory. For the last time this year I organised a food blogger get together and met up with blogging buddies Jeanne, Sarah and Solange.

The Cube by Electrolux – Simon Rogan

Are you in London? If you need some cheering up with the potential to have a fit of giggles, take the lift at the Royal Festival Hall where voices will sing scales up and down according to the direction you travel. The absurdity of it makes it effectively hilarious – it was a refreshing change […]

Mamounia Lounge

If you’re unfamiliar with a cuisine you tend to peruse the menu for a very long time not knowing what to order. Completely stumped I asked the waitress for recommendations. What followed was the most unprofessional, flimsiest and indifferent response I’ve received to date. Not ONE dish was sold to us and instead of feeling […]