Giveaway #102: Two Hotel Chocolat’s Dark Christmas Collections

Introducing the Dark Christmas Collection from Hotel Chocolat. The box includes a selection of 19 fabulous dark chocolates beautifully presented and set to wow any guest! The selection features truffles, pralines, caramels and more.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Collection

Complete your Christmas by winning one of two stunning boxes of dark chocolates up for grabs from the UK’s premium chocolate producer – Hotel Chocolat. The prize is a must for adding a touch of sheer chocolate class to any Christmas occasion. Good luck and Merry Christmas from Hotel Chocolat!

P.S. If you love Mulled Wine, check out our Cocoa version of it here!

Everything you need to enter you will find below. Got it? Good luck!

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  1. Andrew Halliwell says

    I don’t think I’d bother. Lots of preparation to do to make good chocolate and it can go wrong so easily (or so I’ve heard).., I’d leave it to the experts.

  2. Eirwen says

    Only ever tried using melted chocolate with the kids for Easter Nests with either wheat shreds or cornflakes. Nothing fancy, I’m afraid!

  3. Samantha Whistler says

    I’ve never made my own chocolates but I’ve considered it! I’d love to make cute chocolate mice for christmas :)

  4. Christine says

    I have made chocolates. I have several chocolate moulds inherited from my Mother. I like to make Xmas shapes such as holly leaves/berries to decorate desserts. I have also made Easter eggs.

  5. Irene Wright says

    I have made chocolate at home in the past but not for a very long time. Since I found Hotel Chocolate, home-made just doesn’t ‘hit the spot’ anymore. Apart from truffles, fresher the better

  6. Tracy Nixon says

    I have never actually made my own chocolate, but have made things like chocolate eggs and animals etc using chocolate moulds (where you melt chocolate). I would love to have a go though and add lots and lots of nuts add caramel chunks!

  7. Helen Moulden says

    I tried a few years back, and made a chocolate box to hold home made truffles for my grandfathers birthday! It wasn’t too successful though and fell apart…

  8. Heather M says

    I made Chocolate truffles and white chocolate snowballs last Xmas. They were so yummy I’m going to make it a Xmas family tradition!

  9. Dragonfly63 says

    No tried it but couldn’t. Get the tempering right and the Melting point became stupidly low, meaning they melted when touched even briefly.

  10. Christine Sunter says

    Have made mint crisp chocs and choc covered peppermint cremes. YUM! Prefer to buy them tho. Better still – win them!

  11. Sarah Berryman says

    I would love to try but not sure it would be that much of a success- I’d like to go a bit mad and maybe try to create Jelly Baby flavoured chocolate! (then again, maybe not….)

  12. Natasha Corder says

    I’d like to recreate the Lindt Lindor chocolates and save myself a small fortune :) Then I would make some mint hotel chocolat chocolate and then…… crumbs I have a list, best start cooking!

  13. Naomi K says

    Yes it would be amazing! I remember watching a children’s film when I was younger where they made their own chocolate, o I’ve always thought it would be amazing. I’d love to create a milk chocolate with caramelised nuts, yum!

  14. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    No I wouldn’t make chocolates. I don’t do any cake or biscuit baking any more. I used to enjoy it but if you make it you eat it and I have to constantly watch my weight. Chocolates are a rare treat now. I’ve bought some Hotel Chocolat dark chocolates for Christmas but I could make room for another box if I were lucky enough to win!

  15. caroles says

    Making my own chocolate from scratch sounds daunting – therefore something simple like a chocolate block or lollipop

  16. Helen says

    I don’t know the first thing about making chocolate but I imagine it’s quite difficult; melting chocolate to make crispy cakes can so easily go wrong, it’s got to be much more difficult than this. If I did give it a try though, the first chocolate delight I would make would be a nut cluster with a caramel centre

  17. Jenny Rogers says

    I prefer to leave that hard work to experts who know what they are doing, so I can concentrate on eating it.

  18. Katie Kingsbury says

    I haven’t even mastered fudge yet, so may leave the chocolate for a while. I’d have to make some mint chocolate though, my favourite.

  19. Jim Milligan says

    Why bother going to all the trouble, when you can just sit back and enjoy, but then if I id it would be chocolate covered marzipan.

  20. Tracy Alder-Ashwin says

    I’ve tried at xmas to make but it’s way too fiddly. All that tempering required is easier to buy nice chocolate instead. I do make some lovely choc treats for pressies though. Crushed after eights mixed into melted plain chocolate then broken up. Yummy!

  21. jennifer thorpe says

    I have made my own chocolates before. We were short of money one year so I decided to make everyones presents. Some included decadent chocolate truffles. Whilst fun to make, they probably cost more than if I’d bought presents!

  22. Ali Thorpe says

    No, it seems like one of those few foods which are better bought than homemade unless you know what you’re doing.

  23. Rainie Bish says

    I wouldn’t attempt to make it myself. Think that’s part of the pleasure of chocolate, the fact that it’s bought and more of a luxury

  24. Anschel G says

    I would like to have a go at it. Have made some regular chocolate shapes before, but would love to be able to make truffles & pralines.

  25. ellen emery says

    I think chocolate making should be left to the experts. There are some really wonderful tasting examples to be selected and enjoyed.

  26. Joanne Mapp says

    A few years ago when money was tight, I made chocolate truffles as gifts for my friends and family. I think they were the most appreciated gift I have ever .

  27. Sarah P says

    Not sure I would be any good at making chocolates so think if I tried I’d start with something easy like maybe chocolate lollipops for the kids!

  28. Kerry says

    I would love to try to make chocolate at home, I would make a chocolate heart for my husband and one for each of my little boys.

  29. Marion says

    I’d definately consider making my own chocolate. I’d need to find some spare time in which to do it, but I’d love to. The first thing would have to be milk chocolate with some caramel element.

  30. Lora says

    I’ve made white chocolate and lemon truffles using ground up oreo cookies for the centre. They were wonderful the first time, but I just couldn’t get them right again! I’d like to try something like that again though for Christmas. Nothing too fancy because I just don’t have the skill and I don’t want to waste good chocolate.

  31. Fran Light says

    I am happy to try my hand at chocolate cakes, and chocolate mousse, but actual chocolates? No, too fiddly for me!

  32. Karen R says

    It would never occur to me to make chocolate – it seems too hard! However, if I did, I would start off with something very simple

  33. Leanne Timmins says

    I LOVE chocolate so I would like to try one day but would have no idea where to start.Guess I’d have to google or buy a book for something easy!

  34. Sarah C says

    I don’t think I’d try – it’s too easy to buy and there’s some fabulous chocolate available, I don’t think I could ever match it :-)

  35. Jane Adair says

    I would love to be able to make my own chocolate and if I could I would have to make something with dark bitter chocolate and coffee :)

  36. Julie Houghton says

    I’d love to have a go at making my own, but I know I’d have to ‘try’ all the ingredients as I went along! Probably end up with a messy face and no actual chocolates

  37. Frul says

    I’d totally make my own chocolate, for the sole purpose of making larger sized versions of already existing chocolates

  38. miss kerry adamowicz says

    I’ve never tried to make my own but if I did I’d make something where presentation didn’t matter like truffles! They’d be very rustic looking if I made them!

  39. Andrea Smith says

    I don’t think it would come out as good as ready made chocolate. but I’m always making things with chocolate

  40. Diane Carey says

    No, I’ve never thought about making chocolate and don’t think I ever will. But if I did it would be something with coffee or cappucchino in it, my favourites

  41. Tracey McPartland says

    I would have a go at making my own chocolate if I new where to start would make white chocolate as that is my favourite

  42. Katherine Coldicott says

    Have made a milk chocolate a long time ago and when I have more time I’d give it a go again, but there are so many wonderful varieties to buy nowadays.

  43. Sarah Williams says

    I have never made my own chocolates before – but if I had all the ingredients and time then I would love to make chocolate orange truffles !!!

  44. Jay says

    That’s something I think I’d rather leave to the professionals – I could never make anything that was a patch on the prize here!

  45. Emma Jackson says

    I’d make some praline chocolate square but only if I was feeling brave. I’ve heard chocolate making can be tricky x

  46. Janet Rumley says

    Love to try but not sure if I’d have the time – especially at this time of the year ! Sorry forgot to sign up to newsletter !!!

  47. Lorraine Carter says

    I have made my own Easter Eggs, and i would like some chocolate moulds to make my own chocs as i have lots of ideas for fillings

  48. Lydia says

    I’d like to make a Bounty bar with big fat glace cherries in. I’m sure they used to make them years ago. Maybe they were called something ese??? Whatever they were… I miss them!

  49. ROS Thompson says

    I’m subscribed to the Greedy Gourmet
    I would not make my own chocolate – prefer to eat what others have perfected

  50. Claire Trevor says

    If I had a recipe to follow I’d give it a try:) I’d make Rose flavoured chocolate as I love rose and violet cremes.

  51. sian hallewell says

    I use chocolate to make truffles and cakes and things, but no I don’t think I would try making my very own chocolate

  52. Joanne Nelson says

    I have made some tray bars of chocolate this year – they work better with cheap chocolate funnily enough, but look really good. Swirled up white, milk and dark chocolate, then put in maltesers and caramelised pecans. Mmm!

  53. Gary Martindale says

    I would love to make it but I don’t think I’d have the skill to do it and with all the nice chocolates available already I think its easier to just to buy them

  54. Sheila Reeves says

    Never tried making my own chocolates – if I tried it would have to be something quite simple like chocolate covered fruit – I think I’d better leave it to the experts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. kristy brown says

    I don’t think I would have the patience to try and make chocolate….plus I would be too busy dipping my finger in it before it sets!

  56. Sarah Ballantyne says

    I think it might be a bad idea to find out how to make my own chocolates, I’d never stop eating them if I can just whip up a batch when the kids are in bed! If I did I’d love to combine them with things we grow in the garden e.g. chilli, strawberries or cherries.

  57. Hannah Whitling says

    I’ll leave the making of any chocolate to the experts, dont think i’d make a good job of it myself.

  58. Diane Nicholl says

    I would be very nervous about trying to make my own chocolate, but I would enjoy seeing an expert making it.

  59. Gemma says

    I dont think I would be any good at making chocolate, but if I could do it then in the spirit of christmas I would try to make a mulled wine chocolate!

  60. Caroline H says

    I’d give it a go – it’s probably good messy fun. I’d love to make some liqueurs but that’s maybe a little ambitious so I’d like to experiment with some fresh herbs – mint, basil, maybe even lemon thyme.

  61. Melanie Gardiner says

    I’m always up for giving something a try but its inevitably going to end in a mess as I simply can’t do anything like that without making the kitchen look like a bombs gone off :)

  62. Claire says

    I wouldn’t have a clue when it comes to chocolate making…….the eating however i am very good at!!! let me at them!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ signed up for newsletter

  63. Lesley Bain says

    I’m not a natural in the kitchen sadly, and would rather leave it to the experts and just reap the benefits ๐Ÿ˜€ If I was going to try to make my own chocolate I would make praline, it’s my favourite :) x

  64. Kimberley Burton says

    Don’t think i’d make it myself – probably wouldn’t turn out very good so I’ll stick to buying it from Hotel Chocolat, mmm!

  65. Joy Dehany says

    Hmmm…Not sure I’d be much good at it as you have to be trained for a number of years to be a chocolatier, and while I have the patience, I’d rather just make orange strawberry or champagne truffles with good chocolate I think.

  66. Bonnie King says

    I would have a second go at making chocolate truffles but I would really like to make my own chocolate slab with rocky road.

  67. andy holder says

    i would love to be my own willy wonka in the kitchen and create my own little heaven i would infuse cream with different flavours to create my own unique truffles

  68. Su Williams says

    I dont think I would like to make chocolate, I think it’s a nice delicious treat that should be made professionally.

  69. Holly Boyd says

    I do love chocolate, I would probably make some chocolate hearts for Valentines day for my Husband – Got to think ahead.

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