Giveaway #120: Lurpak Vouchers

Have you tried cooking with clarified butter?


To be honest, other than a bit of ghee I haven’t dabbled with clarified butter much. However, Lurpak has brought out a new range that takes the chore out of clarifying the butter ourselves. There are plenty of mini-clips to watch and learn how to use the products. They’re only a few seconds long each and before you know it you’ve watched 10 of them!

Lurpak is also currently running a competition where you can win a spot in a day masterclass class presented by up and coming chef, Tom Sellers. Here is more information on Facebook and Twitter. The competition closes on 8 August, so hurry!

As for the Greedy Gourmet giveaway, five lucky readers can win a set of vouchers (worth £13.50) for the entire new Cook’s Range. Entering is easy, just follow the instructions below.

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  1. Wendy Smith says

    I think of Ghee which I use for curries – it would be interesting to see what else clarified butter could be used for?

  2. Irene Wright says

    Now where are my recipes that call for Clarified butter and I’ve used an alternative because I couldn’t be bothered mucking around with the butter I have in the fridge….

  3. Maxine says

    I only know it as ghee from when I make curries at home – I know that you can make it at home too, but am not sure how

  4. Alexis Pettie says

    The first thing that came to mind when thinking about clarified butter is Ghee! The lovely, tasty, but unhealthy ingredient that the Indian use in all their lovely diches

  5. Helen Swales says

    Clarified butter? It sounds like it’s a mix of different types of butter, not something I would fancy trying.

  6. Edward Guerreiro says

    My recipe for Hollandaise sauce. Although, truthfully, I usually skip that step, as its a real pain.

  7. Susan Race says

    My question would be What is clarified butter? I’ve never heard of it! Closely followed by “How is it better than normal butter?”

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