Buck’s Fizz

Buck’s Fizz Cocktail

Warning: This drink will cause severe giggling fits even if the joke told wasn’t so funny. In extreme cases there was no joke. Your cheeks will turn a vivid red as if you put on too much blush, or in the case of men stole Ronald McDonald’s stash of red makeup paint. Lastly, expect to receive a few bumps and knocks as you try to fool everyone into thinking you’re sober but while trying to walk in a straight line bang into the door frame. Am I speaking for myself now? I guess I’d better stop before I spill even more beans. *hiccup*

P.S. This cocktail will join a Blog Party, hosted by Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness.

Buck’s Fizz
Preparation: 3 mins

Buck’s Fizz Cocktail

  • 50% orange juice
  • 50% champagne
  1. Mix the orange juice and champagne and pour in champagne flutes.
  2. Serve at once.
Budget Tip
  • For a cheaper version, use sparkling wine instead of champagne.
  • I prefer this ratio in my drink because it’s not too strong. If you like a bit more punch, other recipes call for a ratio of 2:1 champagne and orange juice respectively.

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    Michelle, your pictures are always so pretty. I love just reading your blog with my eyes! I’d love to know a little more about you, so I’ve tagged you for a meme.

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