Easy Banoffee Pots

Crunch. Squirt. Slice. Whip. Sprinkle.

You are less than ten minutes away from a decadent dessert. Yes, it’s a bit of a cheat’s recipe but so what? Although I’m a cook-from-scratch kind of a girl, looking after a baby and toddler has taken a toll on my energy and enthusiasm the past few months. What is “sleep”? What exactly is “free time”? Can you spell it for me? Bah, who needs it anyway!

There is only so much chocolate a girl can eat before getting sick of it and start looking further afield. No, I don’t want to bake and dirty a dozen dishes and utensils. No, I don’t want to spend hours cooking up some strange Heston Blumenthal concoction. I want easy and simple. This is the answer.

Source: Melinda Messenger’s Family Cookbook

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Easy Banoffee Pots
Serves 4
Prep Time: 10 mins – Cooking Time: None
  • 6 digestive biscuits
  • ready-made toffee sauce
  • 2 bananas, sliced
  • 300ml (½ pint) whipping cream
  • 50g (2 oz) milk chocolate, grated
  1. Place the biscuits in a food bag and use a rolling pin to smash into crumbs.
  2. Divide the biscuit crumbs between the serving glasses (you should have about 2cm (1 inch) in each glass).
  3. Squeeze a layer of toffee sauce on each biscuit layer – don’t worry about making it too neat.
  4. Now top with the banana slices. Softly whip the cream and spread over the bananas. Finish by sprinkling with chocolate shavings.

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