Smoked Chicken, Mango & Mayonnaise Salad

Smoked Chicken, Mango & Mayonnaise Salad

Forget the boring salad leaves, cumbersome cucumber, tired tomato, relentless onion, overly-used olive oil, gimmicky fancy vinegar and other what-have-you’s. If you’re like me, you’ll be just after the champion chicken and morish mango anyway, so why bother faffing about with the former ingredients if you could have just the star ingredients on your plate? Now this is my kind of salad, tuck in!

Smoked Chicken, Mango & Mayonnaise Salad
Serves 4
Preparation: 15 mins

Smoked Chicken, Mango & Mayonnaise Salad

  • smoked chicken
  • ripe mangoes
  • mayonnaise
  • chives, for garnishing
  1. If you bought a whole smoked chicken, peel off the skin (and feed it to the dogs) and carefully pick every last bone of the bird to get the best out of the deal. Chop the meat into chunks.
  2. Stir some mayonnaise with the chicken, just enough to make it slightly moist.
  3. Peel juicy mangoes and cube.
  4. Stir mangoes in with the chicken. (Add chopped chives if you want the salad to look impressive.) Voila!
  • There are no hard or fast rules about the ratio of chicken : mango : mayo. Please yourself!

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