Greedy Gourmet explores another healthy ready-made food chain, called Tossed.

Fresh out of university health conscious Vincent McKevitt saw a gap in the UK market. After all, where in London, or in the UK for that matter, could you create your own salad? Taking his research very seriously, McKevitt flew to USA and visited every smoothie shop in California and every salad bar in New York, where the market is mature and inspirational.

Armed with new, pivotal knowledge he opened the first Tossed shop in Paddington Central. The public loved it and quickly other branches popped up all over London.

Ethical-minded readers would be happy to hear that Tossed’s chicken and eggs are sourced from a family-run farm in Devon. The former is farm assured and the latter free range. Coffee and chocolate are Fairtrade and organic. Tea is from Tea Pigs. All carbohydrates are low GI, yogurt fat free and cakes don’t contain sugar but agave. Really, it’s every health freak’s dream come true.

With only four items to choose from the smoothie menu is quite limited but what is available is quite good. Both Mango Mango (£3.75) and Passionista (£3.75) were crammed full of fruity goodness and in some ways were a meal in itself; an excellent way to attain your 5-a-day. The organic carrot juice was as sweet as it should be.

Surprisingly 50% of the clientele is male but if you look at the portions it’s no wonder. Low-fat and protein packed, men definitely don’t have to feel guilty when gorging. Tossed Signature Salad (£6.95) comprises chicken breast, mozzarella pearls, red grapes, apple, toasted cashews and sundried cranberries with champagne raspberry dressing. Impossible to finish but a definite winner.

The two attractive wraps, Chicken Caesar Deluxe (£6.95) and Spicy Crayfish (£5.95), didn’t disappointed either. In fact, never have I seen tortilla wraps with such ample filling, each of which actually contains a whole medium salad.

Years ago, fat free frozen yogurt arrived in South Africa and quite frankly I thought it was horrendous. It appears in the meantime manufacturers have been working on honing their recipes to actually create a pleasant product. The Fresh Strawberry Frozen Yogurt (£2.45) almost swayed me to go down the fat-free route. Almost. Out of the three salad dressings, Fat Free Honey & Lemon, Low Fat Sweet Chili and Ranch, the last one was my favourite but something was missing for me. Fat.

None of the flavourful sauces, or more to the point food, had that wonderful rolling-on-the-tongue effect fat has. The chicken is prepared in the healthiest way possible, which meant it was dry and bland.

Quick Overview

4/10: The score would have been higher if there wasn’t a piece of rubber glove in one of our smoothies.


7/10: Prices may be steeper than average but the portions are massive.


8/10: Polite and attentive service.




3/10: It’s more of takeaway food kind of a place.


6/10: It all comes down to one question. What would you like out of the meal? If your answer is a treat and something to make your soul happy, then avoid Tossed. However, if you are health-oriented and don’t stray off the narrow path, with the goal of reaching over a 100 years in age, then Tossed is for you.

P.S. I was a guest of Tossed for lunch.

The Balcony
Westfield London Shopping Centre
W12 7GF

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