A thorough review of Sushinho, a Japanese-Brazilian restaurant in London.

Japanese Seared Fish

I couldn’t help but wonder if someone smoked too much crack when they came up with the Japanese-Brazilian theme for a restaurant in the never ending quest to be unusual and stick out in London’s fiercely competitive scene. Digging a little deeper it was my turn to be sheepish.

South American Raw Fish Salad

Over a hundred years ago, after slave labour was abolished, Brazil faced a labour shortage as the demand for one of its biggest exports, coffee, kept growing. At first Brazil appealed to Europe and mostly Italians came to work in such gruelling conditions that Italy ended up prohibiting subsidised immigration to Brazil.

Cocktails at Sushinho

Luckily for Brazil, thanks to the end of feudalism in Japan left many of its people impoverished looking for a better life and they came in droves. Today the Japanese population hovers just below one and a half million and most of them live in São Paulo and Paraná, where most of the coffee plantations are based.

Sushinho Roll

The history doesn’t stop there. One of Sushinho’s branches is located at the Devonshire Square; the site was originally used to quarry bricks in the 100-300AD. During the 1700’s the East India Company bought the land and built warehouses to store Far Eastern luxury goods. This is where we ate, admiring the great lengths the British would go to preserve historical buildings. It’s a lovely outdoor setting, spacious with an open-air feel but not fearing rain thanks to the translucent roof above.

Smoked Salmon Slices with Wasabi and Japanese Mint

It was hard for me to pick my favourite dish because the food was of exceptionally high standard. The starters, Butterfish Tataki (£9.50) and Moqueca Ceviche (£8.50), had a fresh, light and crispness to them with perfectly balanced flavours.

Sushinho's Sushi Platter

Our custom sushi platter’s presentation was simply stunning. Sushinho’s salmon is smoked with hickory in-house and come in delectable thick slices that glided on the tongue. It also appears in a sushi roll with mango, parmesan, avocado and coriander (£8.50). A wide range of Sashimi is to be had and I opted for the Razor Clam which had a muddy taste reminiscent of mussels. The Spider Roll (£9.50) had a pleasant kick to it thanks to the additional fillings, wasabi tobiko and chili.

Smoked Salmon & Mango Sushi

The only reservation for the night was the Rio Sushi Roll (£8.50), which comprised prawn, wasabi tobiko and strawberry. By no means was it bad but the strawberry sweetness was rather overwhelming and the dish was better suited to the dessert menu minus the prawns. Anyway, when I think of Yo! Sushi now I think of a street food van. Sushinho? The Ritz.

Pork Belly Feijoada

By now I was stuffed to the brim and mustered one Jumbo Prawn (£7.50), which was as meaty as lobster and incredibly moreish Japanese Mushrooms (£6.00). The restaurant’s triple cooked Cassava Chips (£4.50) were of the better ones I’ve tasted recently.

Enoki and Cassava Chips

Jeanne, who was my dining companion, soldiered on bravely with Pork Belly Feijoada (£14.50) and Blackened Butterfish with Wasabi Guacamole (£15.00). She loved them both.

Main Dishes at Sushinho

Lastly, we had some Churros with Doce de Leite (£5.50). As someone who had it for the first time it reminded me of South African pancakes with extra crunch and the caramel sauce is an extra plus.

Blackened Butterfish with Wasabi Guacamole

It was a wonderful meal on a lovely night with a good friend. A perfect birthday in my books.

Quick Overview

9/10: Close to perfection.


7/10: Pricy but high quality.


9/10: Our waitress knew the menu off by heart and was efficient.


9/10: Clean and liked that each toilet has its own sink.


8/10: The outdoor area is better suited for drinks than eating because of the low tables. It’s a great idea to go there over a weekend when it’s quiet.


9/10: If offered to eat at Sushinho again I would jump at the chance without blinking.

Devonshire Square
Liverpool Street


P.S. I was a guest of Sushinho.

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  1. says

    Aaah, the happy memories… such a great meal – there was truly nothing that I didn’t love, from the space to every last dish. Thanks for inviting me along – was a fab afternoon of personal shopping and an evening full of fine food and belly laughs (if I say “Dankfees” will you crack up again??) 😉

    • says

      Always happy to have you for company, Jeanne! I never heard about Dankfees until you mentioned it and the names says is all really. Say it again to me next year after a few cocktails. 😉

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