Virtual College’s Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Course

Months and months ago I was offered this course but with a wave of the hand I turned it down. As much as I was interested in the subject matter, my time is little and oh so precious and I didn’t quite see how it will fit in the scheme of things.

Fast forward a month or two. We buy our meat from the local farm shop, Woodford Meats, and we immediately noticed the absence of the friendly baked goods lady at one end of the shop. Where was she? Her catering business took off so she couldn’t come anymore and they were looking for someone to replace her. Suddenly I blurted out I will do it. What the hell was I thinking?! The butcher seemed keen on the idea and we made some preliminary arrangements.

Suddenly the food and hygiene course didn’t seem that farfetched because I will need it after all; anything to impress the Environmental Health Practitioner who will visit my home to investigate the state of my kitchen. Yikes! After some scrambling I luckily discovered the offer still stood and weeks later I started the course.

Food Hygiene & Safety Course

The graphics are fun and the text easy to read. What I liked was the layout of the course. At any stage you knew how far you were in the current module and how many modules more you had to complete before taking the test. At the end of each chapter there were practice questions to test if you were asleep when simply clicking the Next button. It was a lot of material to go through because it was all new to me but I can honestly say I learnt a lot and have tried to put as much as possible into practice from then on. The only really annoying thing was the MORE button that kept flashing which was really distracting while I was reading other text on the screen. I ended up covering it with a piece of paper on my screen.

Two days after I successfully completed the course and passed the test my certificate arrived. I know the course is widely available at adult education centres but if you’re strapped for cash and/or have only limited time there is nothing better than doing the course in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
In the meantime we got our old, grubby kitchen sink replaced with a shiny new silver one and also acquired a brand new American fridge (more on that later).

Last Friday was D-Day when the health inspector came. I was so stressed out that I got up at 3am, even though I only went to bed at midnight, and carried on scrubbing everything in sight…

What the guy saw was a sparkly kitchen and he commented how my kitchen is in better than condition than most commercial ones. Yay! Surprisingly he was very easy to please. And just like that I am allowed to sell food to the public now, starting Saturday. Who’s coming to visit me?

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    please provide me details of the shortest avialable branch from calcutta,price for the course and date for semester beginning.

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