My Favourite Things of 2012 – A Buying Guide for Gourmets

Another year, a brand new annual buying guide!

At this day and age we are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying products as consumers. Sometimes it just gets downright confusing! Fear not, the Greedy Gourmet is here to help.

Throughout the year I get to try out plenty of products available on the market. Most of the products I receive for free from PR agencies, but only if I truly like the product will it appear in this buying guide. For example, last year I received an electric potato peeler and it was one tragic not to mention dismal contraption that didn’t work. Of course, it’s not listed on here because I don’t want you to waste your money!

If a particularly good product got you all hot and bothered, why not share it with other readers in the COMMENTS section? Likewise, if you’re seriously ticked off about that horrendous [fill in gadget name] you bought last week, feel free to vent too.

I will be updating this list regularly throughout the year, so keep an eye on it! Here goes…

Cookware & Gadgets
Cuisinart Blender
After a year of heavy use my Cuisinart blender is still going strong.
Cuisinart Blender

Crushed Diamonds by Chocolate & Love The Hawkshead Relish Company
If you’re a chocoholic, you definitely have to try Crushed Diamonds – the chocolate nibs make it unusual yet addictive! Relish’s Jams and Jellies gives Tiptree a run for its money. Be sure to dry the Damson & Port Jam and Cumbrian Frutta Cotta!
Crushed Diamonds by Chocolate and Love Hawkshead Relish's Jams & Jellies
Tuscany Corner
Love Italian food? Be sure to check out the wide array of products from Tuscany Corner.
Tuscany Corner Products
FUEL – Chunky Breakfast Granola Rachel’s Organic Yogurts
Fuel is definitely one of the better breakfast granola on the market, especially the chocolate flavoured one. Every now and again I treat myself with Rachel’s Organic Yogurt. The Low Fat Cherry and Coconut flavours are my favourites!
FUEL - Chunky Breakfast Granola Rachel's Organic Coconut Yogurt
Forman & Field’s Welsh Beef Steaks Smoked Salmon Paupiettes with Crab & Lobster
One of the best fillet steaks I’ve had in a while! Crammed full of lobster and crab this salmon paupiette starter is a real winner.
Forman & Field Welsh Beef Fillet Steaks Smoked Salmon Paupiettes with Crab & Lobster
Losely Summer Butter London Cure Smoked Scottish Salmon
Definitely better than your average supermarket butter. Top of the range smoked salmon from Forman & Field.
Loseley Butter Forman & Field's Smoked Salmon
Sour Cream & Chive Proper Corn zChocolat
Thank goodness there is now a healthier and very tasty popcorn snack out there. One bite from one of these babies will tell you that this exquisite chocolate is strictly for special occasions.
Propercorn's Sour Cream & Chives Popcorn Gourmet Z Chocolat
Ben & Jerry’s Core Keevil & Keevil’s Corn-fed Chicken Supremes
Ben & Jerry’s brought out a new range, called Core. Karamel Sutra is my new favourite! The beautiful tasting chicken is solely fed corn hence its buttery yellow skin.
Ben & Jerry's Core Ice Cream Range Keevil & Keevil's Corn-Fed Chicken Supreme
Keevil & Keevil’s 6oz Fillet Steak Keevil & Keevil’s Rib of Beef
No fat, no gristle, no sinews. Just pure, velvety tender meat. A huge hunk of meat, such as Rib of Beef, makes a striking centrepiece.
Keevil & Keevil's Beef Fillet Steak Keevil & Keevil's Rib of Beef

Woodforde’s Ale Celtic Marches Liqueur
Woordforde’s ales from Norfolk are top quality ales that are simply too good to cook with. Drink them straight! Do you have a sweet tooth and like tipples like sherry and port? You must try out Celtic Marches‘ Apple & Maple Syrup Brandy Liqueur, called Bloody Furlong.
Woodforde's Ales Celtic Marches Bloody Furlong Apple & Maple Syrup Brandy Liqueur

Fun Stuff for Children
TUMTUM Cutlery Set TUMTUM Trainee Water Bottle
Well-designed and easy to eat with my children had no problems to start feed themselves independently with TUMTUM’s Cutlery Travel Set. Sturdy, easy to clean with funky pictures. A perfectly designed child’s water bottle.
Tumtum Cutlery Travel Set product review Tumtum's Trainee Water Bottle Product Review
BabyBjörn Plate & Spoon Set BabyBjörn Baby’s First Cup
Fun design but solid and practical. My toddler’s favourite eating bowl. Babies love drinking from this cup. Its wide base makes it more difficult to knock over, guaranteeing less spillage.
Baby Bjorn Plate & Spoon Set Baby Bjorn Cup

Marshmallow Madness
Once you tried fresh marshmallows you’ll never buy any from a shop again. Fab cookbook – Marshmallow Madness!: Dozens of Puffalicious Recipes!
Marshmallow Madness

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    My favourites in the kitchen are my global knives, which I love but only add to on special occasions due to the price, and my Le Creuset cocottes. I cannot find a more useful cooking pot than a cocotte. Simply amazing.

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