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Once you enter the world of cheese, much like wine, you’ll be swept away in the wide range of flavours and rich history this facet of the food industry has to offer.

What makes blue cheese blue is a blue-green mould Penicilliom Roqueforti. The flavour of the cheese depends heavily on the animal’s diet, whether its milk has been pasteurised, the kind of starter and cultures used and the length of time and conditions under which it’s stored. Did you know that Roquefort is stored in caves and Stilton in cellars?

Did you know that there is now a new British blue cheese on the market? Butlers Farmhouse Cheese, who produces everything by hand, brought out Blacksticks Blue just in time for Christmas. The cheese has a remarkable uncharacteristic yellow colouring to it which is wonderfully smooth and creamy with an exceptional, subtle blue tang.

Chefs such as Simon Rimmer, Glynn Purnell and Nigel Howarth are among the many people who use it in the kitchen. Here are a few recipes ideas:

  • Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce
  • Crumbled on top of Leek and Potato Soup
  • A perfect pizza topping consisting of pears, walnuts and Blacksticks Blue
  • Bacon & Blacksticks Blue Potato Cakes

Although you can find Blacksticks Blue at most good supermarkets, whole truckles of Blacksticks Blue will be available in Sainsbury’s and Booths. Marks & Spencers is also stocking Blacksticks Blue mini truckle with fig glaze and dried fruits.

You can find more details on their website, Facebook Page and Twitter profile.

This post has been sponsored by Blacksticks Blue, but all thoughts are our own.

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