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On June 19, 2014
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A proud British pub with 6 rooms. Centrally located in London, this is an ideal lock up and go setting where you maintain a certain amount of anonymity. If you intend to go pub crawling what could be better than ending up at Fox & Anchor?

In May I paid a second visit to the Fox & Anchor and this time round I can put my finger on as to why I like it so much.

As much as I like staying at hotels it sometimes proves to be hard work. For one, I feel obliged to greet and smile at all staff. There is the option of “blanking” them but that is just plain rude in my books because every human being deserves respect, no matter how mundane their job is. In stark contrast to a big establishment, Fox & Anchor only has 6 rooms on offer that are situated on top of its pub, which can be found on the ground floor.

Fox & Anchor's Exterior

To gain access to your room you need to enter the door on the left of the central pub doors, which in turn leads you up the stairs. The beauty is that you can come and go as you please without anyone knowing, or quite frankly caring. Yet, all the facilities that you can think of are in your room and if all else fails you can phone or pop in the pub downstairs for assistance where you will receive a warm welcome.

Fox & Anchor pub's interior

Below you can read more about my first stay…

St Barts room at Fox & Anchor

There’s always a first for everything. This time it’s an accommodation review.

Smithfield Room Key at Fox & Anchor

London's Fox & Anchor Accommodation Review

Smithfield Room at Fox & Anchor in London

With no big signs plastered anywhere you never would have guessed Fox & Anchor had six luxurious bedrooms to sleep in. The approachable yet rather laid back staff were efficient and quickly sorted out my room. Making my way up the stairs it immediately became apparent that the high, narrow and windy stairs were not suitable for the morbidly obese and disabled.

Smithfield's Bathroom at Fox & Anchor in London

Smithfield's Study at Fox & Anchor in London

After a big climb we finally reached the top floor. The view from the Smithfield is grand, looking at down at the little people walking in the streets. There was another advantage to living as high up in the building as possible. Friday nights, and probably Saturdays too, are very noisy with thumping noisy vibrating from below, which some would find hard to fall asleep to.

With a bath situated in the bedroom the Smithfield is ideal for uninhibited couples – soak together, take two steps and have hot and horny sex on the bed. There is plenty of space in the shower too. Another big plus point is knowing the room you stay in is utterly unique and you’re not surrounded by clones next door, above or below you.

The mini bar proved to be disappointing, boasting nothing more than mineral water. For the sake of symmetry and in the name of fairness it would have been nice if both bedsides had lamps. The flat screen TV was in working condition and some Michael Bublé was listened to on the provided CD player while packing all my thingamajigs in my overnight bag.

Fox & Anchor’s breakfast menu is limited but all the old favourites are on there. Dish components can be chopped and changed and I ended up with Egg Benedict on top of two mountains of smoked salmon and some potato hash browns on the side. Other than the hash browns being of the frozen kind and the hollandaise sauce a tad under salted, my plate was perfect.

Overall Fox & Anchor exudes a lot of quaint charm and would be a sure hit with foreigners looking for the authentic English “experience”.

Burnished Copper Bath at the Fox & Anchor in London

Breakfast at Fox & Anchor in London

P.S. I was a guest of Fox & Anchor.

Fox & Anchor
115 Charterhouse Street


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  1. says

    We started off in this room for our review visit… should mention that there is also a large shower in the en suite bathroom… but we ended up switching to a different room. We liked the design and some quirky touches but found a number of smaller issues that added up to not quite good enough, for us.
    We had same thoughts as you on access – it’s not disability friendly, with no lifts, and the stairs are narrow and without handrails in some parts. I found those stairs really difficult.

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