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Old Manor Hotel Sunset

Old Manor Hotel

Little more than a year ago new owners, Tudor and Lucy Hopkins, took over Old Manor Hotel and transformed it into a foodie hotspot in the Wiltshire countryside. The actual Manor House, based near Bradford-upon-Avon and Bath Spa, is written about in the Domesday Book and formed part of the Abbess of Glastonbury’s estate. It […]

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Smoked Salmon & Aioli

The Milking Parlour

The Milking Parlour is based in The Old Manor Hotel, in Trowbridge, just outside Bath. Most Michelin-starred restaurants are based in cities due to higher demand and bigger wages. So it is quite a novelty to come across such a gem in the middle of the countryside. Technically, the restaurant hasn’t been awarded this accolade. […]

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Restaurant Chicken Pathia

Chicken Pathia

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